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Thread Contributor: FutsoldierDemon's Souls freezes
I can't get out of the tutorial, because the game freezes at the loading screen to the Nexus.

My specs:

i5 6600K
8gb ddr4 ram

I attached the log.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes I am having the exact same issue. If anyone would help me as well. That would be great.
Happens to me aswell. This didn´t happen to me in the 0.0.5-6553 version. Any way to get rid of this freeze thing?

I could go back to the old version, however the enhanced performance of the last one is AWESOME so I would like to stick to it.

I´ve tried to fix it deleting cache, deleting save data and finally doing a clear install. No results.

If it helps, the game doesn´t crash or literally freeze. The fps counter still goes on, showing 9-10 fps.
I use windows 10
8 gb ram
hd 7950

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