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Linux builds seem to have been broken for a bit
Hi there. I'm using Xubuntu 18.04 and it seems like the Linux appimage builds have been broken recently in differing ways.

A couple of days ago, I could start up rpcs3 fine, but then it wouldn't run anything because LLVM was not present for some reason.

With the most recent build, it fails to load several libraries; first glew, then hidapi-hidraw, and lastly and most problematically, Qt 5.10. Bionic only has 5.9.5, and if I have to pull in a PPA to install 5.10, it will defeat the *entire* purpose of the appimage.

It seems that the build catalog only has Windows builds, so I can't go back to an older build.

Is there a more appropriate place for me to talk about Linux issues, or is here where I should be?
Some issues with the Appimage are known and are being fixed

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