TheZarn3Demons Souls stopped working after new RPCS3 Update
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05-13-2018, 05:54 PM -

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I set up and played demons souls all the way through a few months ago on the Emulator (I am not sure which version number, pretty sure its just the last one before version 0.0.5-6735). Now I updated to the newest version and the game doesn't get past the first screen. No inputs work and the log turns all red. I'm not super good at this sort of stuff so I found setting the whole thing up to begin with hard enough.

I never changed any config settings from before and after updating rpcs3. Nothing changed except the version number and it was working perfect before. If someone knows what to do it would be great. I did troubleshooting to the best of my ability changing configs to try and get it past the first screen and it didn't work.

The log is attached please help.

My pc specs aren't relevant because the game worked fine before but here they are anyway.

i5 4690k
12gb RAM
Non overclocked anything

help is appreciated

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