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SIREN: Blood Curse [NPEA00095]
(04-15-2019, 06:48 PM)Asinine Wrote: "This game has improved very nicely, but isn't perfect. Ingame wise, the bug where videos would end up with a black screen when finished playing or when skipped is over, so the last major bugger is out of the picture."

What does this mean? The black screen issue after videos was fixed or it's still there? I'm confused as to what is preventing this from being playable.

The black screen issue after videos is fixed. However, I got a full freeze after playing my third level in a row, during gameplay, not with videos. So maybe it's playable until the end, maybe if you reset the emulator from time to time.
Okay, fair enough. Thanks for the clarification.
US version playable.
Thank you Big Grin

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