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Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late[st] [NPUB31868]
The same Config as Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition

Current RPCS3 Build: v0.0.5-6657 (cecfc590) Alpha [2018-04-17]

*PPU: Recompiler (LLVM)
*SPU: Recompiler (ASMJIT)
*Firmware Settings: Automatically load required libraries
Additional Settings: Thread Scheduler & SPU Loop Detection On

*Additional Settings: Write Color Buffers

Windows: 10

Graphic Cards: GeForce GTX & Intel Core i7 7th-Gen

Everything is fine like Main Menus, CG Scenes (Arcade & Chronicle Modes) & Intro. However, during the combos or pressing buttons too many times on gameplay fights, it somehow cause crash few seconds/minutes later, unlike DBFCI.

For the starting menu UNIST logo before going to main menu, it somehow messed up & seems glitchy. Also, long Opening somehow cause crash too.

Any suggestion to fix this?

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 2.01 MB / Downloads: 6)
Log & Screenshots are now updated
Tried it today 0.0.5-6817-72574bf
PPU interpreter (fast)
ASMJIT recompiler (fastest)
Load liblv2 only

Framelimit 59.94
nothing else ticked
No write color buffer or strict rendering.

Managed to get through arcade, and did a few 'missions'
I didn't manage to crash it, but FPS suffered quite a bit. Sometimes down in the mid 30's for no real reason, and at times sluggish in the high 50's?
But only way I could make it not crash.

CPU and GPU were more or less idle (one core hit 80% but could just as well been something in the background).
Only visible GFX error were start screen as mentioned above. So 'ingame' but with small GFX problem and odd FPS drops.


I guess a log isn't needed as no claim for it to be playable yet, more or less confirming previous tests.

CPU i7-6700K ~4,3Ghz, RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666M 2x16GB, GPU  Gigabyte Gaming G1 GTX 1080,  OS Win 10 Pro Creators Ed


I played through story, a little VS cpu and a few missions without any FPS slowdowns at all today. around 45 minutes of playing.
However the background music gets a bit lower when sound effects/voices are played. (also a little crackling noise a few times in sound/music)

Start screen still warped as before, but I consider it 'playable' with just those two exeptions. so not sure if it's actually in a 'playable' state, but at least no FPS loss anymore with LLVM recompile in OpenGL

Not sure why game isn't even listed on the site? Might be a bit sensitive as it's both pretty new and due to come out for the PC soon?
I'll let someone else judge the playability, and more or less hint that it's in my eyes playable, for those that wants to play/practice with it on PC while waiting for official release, so a few steps forward since I last tried it at least.
Not emulation perfection, but very close!



CPU i7-6700K ~4,3Ghz, RAM Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666M 2x16GB, GPU  Gigabyte Gaming G1 GTX 1080,  OS Win 10 Pro Creators Ed

I have tested it on the new version and also on the old version that i have that goes with some better performance for me, i must said that the game freeze randomly on vulkan after you jump and circle attack too much near the floor or when any of cpu or player get knocked, i think it happen on when smoke below characters is spawn, it happen some less on new version, but still happen.

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