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Thread Contributor: dempixelsI need some help on fan levels of a PS3 (Phat)
hey guys, just so you know.. I am pretty much new here so. super short introduction, ready?

My name is William, I like editing video's and love working on computers/electronics. My favorite colour is purple and I am from Dutch nationality. Okay that's it. 

Off to the topic,

I recently obtained the European (obviously) version of the original backwards compatible PS3.
It was full of dust, it was never even opened since day 1. The warranty sticker still sat nicely on the console. So I cleaned it out, put some new cooling paste on the GPU/CPU, put it back together and began playing ps2/ps3 games.

Now after searching around the internet people are talking about fan levels, and I don't know how loud the "dangerous" fan level 4 as people call it. I know these original BC PS3's where known for being mobile heaters.  Rolleyes

Just for the information this is how the fan behaves after cleaning, 
- on boot up and going in-game the PS3 stays absolutely quiet, 0% sound (except for the harddrive), for about 10~15 minutes 
- after 10 minutes there's a slight wind-flow to be heard going through the back and it stays there for another ~15 minutes
- on total after the about ~30 minutes of gameplay it's a bit noticeable, but it isn't affecting my gameplay or anything
This fan level will be kept through-out the whole time when I am playing a PS3/Ps2 game (takes a tad longer when playing ps2 games), but the fan doesn't slow down after I quit the game.. but it does get a whole bunch cooler. 

This was how the fan behaved before cleaning (you can ignore this part is you want)
- wind-flow was to be heard within 2 minutes of booting up the console and going in-game
- 5 minutes in the game and there was about the same level of noise as previously stated
- 15 minutes in the game and there was some serious noise coming from the console, it kinda hindered my gameplay

now that's out of the way, can someone explain how loud fan levels are really? Because I am sorta worried that my "new" PS3 is going to give me a YLOD when I have it for only 2 months for example. (even though I play rarely because of my study) 
Thanks in advance!

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