MonsieurGaryKingdom Hearts 2.5(KH 2 Final Mix) black screen after final cut scene
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02-21-2018, 11:59 PM -
So the game went pretty all right, with some start up issues sometimes, but I managed to work that out by playing with the settings, but I have noticed that I get a black screen after the final cutscene after the credits. The moment when you are able to save and finish the game 100 % should come up, but once the audio fades out from the cutscene, a black screen stays with the FPS stuck, so basically a freeze. I have tried switching renders(OpenGL and Vulkan) and ticking Vsync or others. My PPU and SPU are both or Recompiler with Auto Prefered SPU threads.
On firmware setting I have: Load lblv2.sprx only.
On additional setting I have:  -Enable thread scheduler, and, Enable SPU loop detection.

If someone can help a noobie with this, I'd love you.

In the link I have added the log files from when the black screen accured. This was from the last time, when my Render was on Vulkan and the Additional Settings I have VSYNC ticked(because it worked like that in other KH games, KH2FM is not the first one to have this blackscreen after final cutscene)
That's all.

LINK log files:

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