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Fifa Street [NPEB00822]
Tested in RPCS3 0.0.4-6448-1b26ec56e Alpha with Vulkan and automatically load required libraries

RPCS3 Log :

In the EA Sport screen there is video and audio stutters, but the fps is around 60. After that the game run smooth on the press start screen but you can't pass that screen because a dialog appear in the game to say that there is not enough space on the disk (refer you to the screenshot below)

Screenshot of the not enough space moment :
This is clearly intro if you can not get ingame, moved the thread.

Just attach rpcs3.log.gz file after closing RPCS3 to your post and you can also attach images. No need to upload them.
RPCS3 v0.0.5-7089-d3596fbc9 Alpha
Ingame, above issue was fixed by recent changes from Farseer!

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