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12-13-2019, 06:14 PM -
I'd rather set the game to In Game than to Playable.
Its unplayable because the frametimes are terrible.
I've talked with people on the RPCS3 discord and they say that its something about texture streaming iirc.
So the issue that's plaguing the game rn is that whenever you move the character the frametimes jump all over the place but if you don't move the character and just move the camera its fine. RPCS3-s log shows a lot of readings too.
The game hangs and does a lot of things. I've tested all sort of things with and without the settings discord people said.

The system has an Ryzen 3600 , GTX 960 and 16 GB RAM on W10.

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06-04-2020, 02:13 AM -
Recompiler LLVM not working in latest build

edit: nvm, change spu block size solved this.
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