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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron [BLUS30466]
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6095-222c0e0f Alpha | HEAD
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In preparation for upcoming changes to the compatibility database, this thread is being moved to ingame. Due to other threads for the same media (Disc or PSN) already being in that category.

If you find a specific game ID that performs differently than others for the same game+edition of the same format (PSN or Disc) even when tested with the same build and settings then please discuss it in the relevant thread(s) and PM a moderator so we can look into it.

Tested with: RPCS3 v0.0.4-6212-0b3fbf1d Alpha
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6345-f908daf32 Alpha | HEAD
Intel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz | 4 Threads | 7.97 GiB RAM | AVX+ | TSX

Goes ingame. The cutscene timing is way off, running at half the speed and stopping before actually finishing. Game will randomly freeze with an error when ingame.

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.7z   RPCS3.7z (Size: 208.18 KB / Downloads: 3)
RPCS3 v0.0.5-7576-76f94940 Alpha | HEAD 
Intel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz | 4 Threads | 7.97 GiB RAM | AVX+ | TSX

No more freezes.
With SPU LLVM cutscene timing is 1 to 1 but the game gets stuck during the prologue when chasing the distant figures as the figures don't react to your presence. Enabling accurate xfloat fixes this but causes the cutscenes to stutter and desync again.

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RPCS3 v0.0.5-7622-4b65c394 Alpha | HEAD
Intel® Core™ i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz | 4 Threads | 7.97 GiB RAM | AVX+ | TSX


Finished the game from beginning to end with no noticeable glitches. Runs at full speed most of the time. Certain levels drop to 40FPS but the game speed remains the same.


.7z   el shaddai.7z (Size: 3.66 MB / Downloads: 7)
We need 3 images for playable reports, not two. And it's best to screenshot whole window so we can see FPS counter and version info.
I'll make an exception but please follow the guidelines for future reports. https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-196671.html
Also for some reason your log file was zipped twice, and the filename was changed and the ".log" extension was removed. Well i could still open it, but there's no reason to do that.
The gzip log was too big for upload so I had to compress it again

If that's the case then you should extract it so you get the raw .log file and then compress that file with 7zip, LZMA2 Ultra.

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