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October 2017 Progress Report
Would it be possible to add a new compatibility category, ala cemu, for games that are not only playable but nearly perfect? To the extent that they can run on an (arguably) average computer with no significant glitches or slowdown? Because right now, "playable" is an extremely broad category that, as more games reach this threshold, really does need to be more specific.
I have discussed this with Ani I think a new category may be added in the future but not what you're thinking. The problem with a "perfect" category is that it's going to be hard to trust users enough to properly report games to move into a "perfect" category and the sheer amount of time it would take to cross reference with real-hardware is daunting. It could even start more problems where users would argue whether a game should be in that category or not, honestly doesn't seem like a good idea during Alpha.

The issue you're describing is with games that are most-likely not meant to be in the playable category, playable doesn't just mean the game can be finished it also means that there is no major issues e.g constant crashes and performs well enough with decent hardware. That being said it can still have some rare crashes and some minor issues. If a game performs well on a previous build it will remain in the playable category as users can go back and use a previous build to play the game. A regression tracker is on the long TODO list and should address that though.

If you have found a game that was never playable and always had major issues report them and we can look into it.
A "perfect" category sounds great. But if you have strong arguments against it, at least it will be great if the playable games had the settings used for reporting that state in-lined in the compatibility view. This will help to lower the false reports of playable games, becoming unplayable just of wrong setup used.
Settings should be on the threads, I thought of adding directly to the list but it would be a nightmare to maintain.
That's what the wiki will be for though when it's ready.

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