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Rayman Legends [BLUS31183]
It goes ingame but with graphical glitches: the foreground suddenly turns black, then, if you continue walking, it turns normal again.
Framerate seems ok. I didn't go very far in the game due to its glitches.
Tested on Vulkan and Opengl on Archlinux with the same results.

In the log, I've got a lot of
E {rsx::thread} RSX: Blit request denied because the destination region does not fit!
Maybe that's the culprit.

and the logs:

.7z   RPCS3-RaymanLegends-Vulkan.log.7z (Size: 548.93 KB / Downloads: 33)
.7z   RPCS3-RaymanLegends-OGL.log.7z (Size: 558.62 KB / Downloads: 13)
You need Strict Rendering and Write Color buffers

This game is completely playable for me.
Moved to General Discussion, needs build name as per the guidelines
New test with [rpcs3-v0.0.3-2017-11-04-6782b22-8631_linux64]: with "Strict Rendering" On, it works fine. I didn't need the "write color buffer" in my test.
Sadly, with the "strict rendering", you can't have the new nice resolution upscaling.
The game works only in 720p resolution.
Tested on Mesa 17.2 with a r9 fury: radv (vulkan) works fine at 60fps (or nearly). OpenGl has some artifacts: like a ghost image.
As legend80 said, I also consider this game as playable.
Vulkan screenshot:
OpenGl screenshot (artifacts):
And the log file (vulkan):

.7z   RPCS3-Legends.7z (Size: 1.55 MB / Downloads: 12)
Moving to playable.
Using latest build, 0.0.5-6940.

This game is "playable" however it is has a really bad graphical issue now. The entire background constantly flickers very fast, it's bad, like seizure-inducing bad.

No setting stops it, and my PC is powerful ([email protected]+n1080 etc.) and gets constant 60fps no problem. I tried everything.

Attached is the log of my last attempt. Maybe it can help.

Attached Files
.gz   RaymanLegends_RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 1.98 MB / Downloads: 5)
Feel free to add more to the git issue i opened:

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