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DeS Can't Get Back To Nexus (Cutscene?)
So, I've had a blast finally being able to play Demon's Souls.  I've just finished Valley of Defilement, which was my last world to go through, but now it's freezing up whenever I try to get back to the nexus no matter the method I use to get there.  I'm assuming that since this was my last world boss that there may be a cutscene trying to play upon going back to the nexus and that maybe that is where the freeze is occuring.  I get the loading screen and the same amount of time passes that I'd expect to in order to load in to the nexus, but it freezes up right there on the loading screen after that amount of time has passed.

I mention that I'm thinking it might be cutscene related because I do remember the game freezing once before when I first loaded in to world 1 and a cutscene started playing.  In general, though, if the game crashes, it crashes.  This is a freeze, which I'm not used to seeing.  Anyway, any insight would be appreciated.  Here is a link to pastebin of my rpcs3 log from start to finish of a fresh launch of the game, loading the save, and immediately attempting to go to the nexus:


Latest build has fixed the issue! RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-304a4a1 Alpha | HEAD

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