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I just can't open rpsc3
I have w10, i've done everything, re-install, disabling my firewall, also my antivirus, changing the compability, but nothing results, I really want to play demon souls.
Close RivaTuner completely
I don't even have it, when i try to open rpcs3, it doesn't appear nothing


That link is a gif when I try to open rpsc3
That's weird, only known to happen when Afterburner/RivaTuner is installed.
Try completely reinstalling the Visual Studio C++ 2015 software dependencies as that's usually an issue as well when it's corrupted.

What's your hardware?
intel core i7-4790, 8gb ram, intel hd graphics 4600
Can you check if there are any notable errors in your event viewer after trying to launch the application?
I don't know how.

Edit: I learnt how to see the event viewer but nothing appears, I mean nothing related with rpcs3
Ar you sure? When you open up event viewer, at the top left drop down custom views,and click on administrative events. from there, you will be looking for something in the middle console that says something like "application error" or the like.
I just update my drivers and restart my pc at all, thanks anyway for the help love u guys
The problem seems to be that you're running it on an integrated graphics chip.
You didn't list any dedicated GPU when you posted your specs, that might be the problem, I'm not sure and I can't test this myself since I don't have an iGPU.

Btw I'm able to run RPCS3 with Afterburner/Rivaturner running. The overlay just doesn't work with Vulkan.

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