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Kingdom hearts crashing on launch

.7z   rcps3.7z (Size: 97.17 KB / Downloads: 1)

I'm having an issue in which Kingdom Hearts is failing to move on to the menu screen after the first menu screen (so i can get the main menu to launch, but if i try to launch kh1/kh:com it crashes).

This is a relatively new error that started for me at some point around 2 weeks ago, but today I decided to try updating rcps3 and try again since i hadn't seen any other complaints about it, but still no luck.

My specs:
CPU: Intel I7 - 2600 GHz
GPU: Nvidia Gforce GTX 980m
Os: Windows 10
Ram: 32GB
Driver Version: (latest)

Below is a screenshot of the error message that appears before the crash:

[Image: 9736e5df04.png]

and of course, attached is my log files.

Thanks in advance,

Naturally, my attachment did not attach correctly the first time. I have now fixed my own issue though.

It turns out, this was caused by an error that derived from Nvidia, and the way it handles OpenGL. An investigative peak at my event viewer turned up this message: http://puu.sh/xQnK9/298edd69c9.png

I did a google search or two, and found out at the error could be fixed by:

1. Opening my NVIDIA Control Panel and selecting “Manage 3D settings”
2. Then, selecting the “Power Management mode” and change the option from whatever it is on (adaptive or power saving) to “Prefer maximum performance”
3. Save my changes.

Basically, updating my drivers to the latest set actually changed that setting and caused an issue.

Hope anyone else who runs into this problem is saved some time!

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