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Multiple games not starting
I have installed multiple games in RPCS3 (I am using v0.0.3-3-eb8af97), which are Outrun Online Arcade, Persona 5, Super Puzzle Fighter II, and Scott Pilgrim, the latter being the only one that will boot, and it was the first one I installed and played. I installed the others in batch a while after, and they don't start at all. I click Boot, but nothing happens, it is just stuck at the menu. It doesn't crash or anything, and the games I try to boot show up in the recently played menu.
See how to ask for support: https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/wiki/How-...or-Support

Make sure automatically start after boot is turned on
Sorry, you'll have to provide the log for another game, I removed that one.

That being said, you need to rip the license from your console (ACT.DAT and RIF files, and then use RIF2RAP to convert it). Once you have the rap place it as per the Quickstart instructions.

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