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PKG Game Deteced as Disc Game
So I was doing some testing with Demons Souls , I have the disk version and two PKG versions USA and EU.
I did a clean Emulator install without nothing, installed both PKG and under Category instead of saying HDD Game i t says Disc Game and game has no ICON, justĀ  placeholder.
What happens if when you try to load the game you get this wrong error:
E LDR: Disc game BLES00932 found at invalid location /dev_hdd0/game/
E LDR: Failed to move disc game BLES00932 to /dev_hdd0/disc/ (Access violation)

It looks like everyone with Demon Souls PKG file has this error, i seen comments oin YT and here on the Demon Souls game page.

is there any way to force the emulator to think that its HDD game and not Disc game?

P.S. I think its something to do with PARAM.SFO file, for curiosity and testing i took trhe one from Catherine PKG install and it semi fixed the issue, now the game gets proper ICON and under category says HDD Game, but games name is Catherine.

Any ideas? Any way to download proper Param.sfo editor, i googled and only found tons of old links
That's because the PSN version of Demon's Souls internally just mounts the Disc version. That isn't supported, only Disc versions of DeS work here.

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