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The Orange Box [BLES00153]
When i created in \USRDIR\FILEGROUPS\ folder file SHADERS.GRP, Half-Life 2, Team Fortress 2 and Portal now booting, but controller with App Chooser doesn't work properly. liblv2.sprx not working. Game works on Vulkan and OpenGL. Sound don't working.[Image: xXmxh2K.png]

[Image: CMuZGY6.png][Image: 9GzFeYL.png]

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This version is Intro without moving around files too
Hi, I used rpcs3-v0.0.5-6859-8826948c_win64 for this testing. (Note, I played this in 1080p mode, and rendered it up to 4K.)
I have been testing The Orange Box on the RPCS3 emulator, and I have found that it has been greatly improved. At first it had a lot of Frame rate drops, and annoying stopping in areas. But now, the yellow filtering is gone, the game is very stable, but only has a few issues. Shadows from the map onto objects are squared (Shadows work like they should with a flashlight) glass with effects are completely black, and the bump map showing a weird green colour.
[Image: y4mFCjOF2nEOeD0Tp8FUbFP1i9kPkulr3xcqdnUJ...-4DIf2yVA?][Image: y4mlcOfbFSkX0Jbr5M7fYp1xljDM0FUQ-8bAEE5l...FHyu9FhQA?]
[Image: y4mI6igdibfGcBH8GR7WenERI-SLZt3pJPX72Ux5...TYybz2bKA?]
The one I found mostly annoying are random crashes when loading a map. it just happenes randomly, and not everytime.
Portal works without these crashes, but the other games Half-Life 2 and it's episodes, suffers from this weird bug.
However, Portal does have an issue for itself too. it's when you look through two portals at the same time, the framerate drops from 30, to around 15.
[Image: y4mSDtNGIil_EdVb14DzsuKrOOSArE1u7W2em_AQ...s9MQyTAGw?]
Another issue is with the app chooser. The audio is scratchy. But the audio works great in game.

There's just one place where I saw a bit much of frame rate drops, it's on the start of Water Hazard in Half-Life 2.
[Image: y4mAxB4IFcfiA68bvr5ZX1TW8Xcje9Z58IhhuxvF...Bz7EUFvfQ?]
In Episode 1, the intro is completely black, until the scene where Gman is there, then it's just a bit buggy.
And in Episode 1 after the intro the framerate is pretty low.
[Image: y4m-BWz8USc-8JC-FaTcNEtKZSKibeNUPjByQmvl...ZoIWjjYyw?]
In Episode 2 the main menu, and the intro level has a low frame rate.
[Image: y4mi5lybfl12p2DDSYyGNtkCvykLpo9mFhsh7IzV...FDxe9QCfw?][Image: y4mJzRRMrYMjhW6FSUSGQeKEztkCGHerPsIk4My9...g6Bd_hYGg?]
In Team Fortress 2. Ha just kidding, you can't play it without connection to PlayStation Network.
The last bug I would like to report, that doesn't  really make a huge impact of the game, but is weird to look at. At the very start of Half-Life 2, Gman is just gone, completely invisible.
[Image: y4mIaksK_9NnkFFuwwpinOKiKUZxSQzfLFrJbawq...v-eiDxRlQ?]
It dropped to 17 for just the moment I took the screenshot here, It ran with a lot higher after and before.

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Please, re-test someone.

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