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Thread Contributor: kilsutonAbout PCSX2
I do not think that pcsx2 will be improved but rather the pcs that can improve and then better manage.
(08-23-2017, 11:52 AM)kilsuton Wrote: What are you thinking about PCSX2? Now it's almost perfect .... I would like to hear some reviews ....

Honestly, it is very far from perfect.  In my experience few games run perfectly or anything close to it.

My PC is an i7 4790K and GTX 1050 Ti and it actually runs OutRun Online Arcade on the RPCS3 emulator better than OutRun 2006 and OutRun 2 SP (JP) on PCSX2.  I mean just think about that for a moment, it's incredible.

Gran Turismo 4 runs badly still.  OutRun not only runs too slowly and stutters at times, but has the never-resolved fog problem which afflicts a lot of PCSX2 games in hardware mode.  You can fix it by running in software mode but then it runs even slower (yes, even using more rendering threads).  Test Drive Unlimited is another game which suffers this problem badly.

PCSX2 doesn't let you use custom configs, which is very important because so many games need different settings. 

Another game I would like to work properly, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3, has the common problem of vertical lines across the screen in hardware mode.  You can somewhat fix this with the custom setting of align sprites.  But the game still slows down and stutters at times regardless of frame rate!  That's right, it doesn't even matter how much brute force your own PC has got, the emulator still has problems running games consistently smoothly. 

My review is that PCSX2 is seriously flawed and needs a lot of work.  I don't suppose it will ever get it now.
(08-23-2017, 11:52 AM)kilsuton Wrote: What are you thinking about PCSX2? Now it's almost perfect .... I would like to hear some reviews ....

Hahahahahahahahaha... oh man thanks for the good joke... oh, you're serious?... 

ok... let's be fair, pcsx2 has given me many hours of many games worth of joy, and i thank them so much for that... but the emulator is now practically abandoned and many other games that could be playable at this point are simply just not, the emu was written back in the day to be single core operational and x86 and to this very day it remains that way, and to this day that abandonment has beggining to collect it's obvious toll, many people in their forums asking why a ryzen 5 or even 7 works worst than it's old first or second generation core i7
, why it doesn't matter what video card they have, cuz even a 1080gtx works the very same as a gt 730, no vulkan, no room for real improvement, no real multithread support and absolutely no x64 architecture has rendered this very good but very old and obsolete great piece of emulator a great question mark in the ps2 emulation, if you wanna play ps2 games with no probem whatsoever the very best option (and cheapest also) is to buy a ps2 any model that supports freeMcboot and play all the games there, i did that myself, and leave emulation to the emulators that still are really in development like rcps3 because the only way people get interest in this emulator again is to be taken back by some group of people willing to really improve it and add multithread support and all it needs, and i see that very unlikely to happen.

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