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Tekken®5 Dark Resurrection [NPEA00019]
Tested in d8c449a.

Everything standard.
Black screen with fps counting.
Big Grin 
RPCS3 v0.0.3-3-5c93ace Alpha | HEAD
AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor | 8 Threads | 4.00 GiB RAM | AVX

PPU : REcompiler
SPU : Recompiler
SPU Threads : Auto
Automatically Load Required Libraries 
GPU : Vulcan

Geting from 30 to 57 FPS on my GTX 650. It depends on loaded map ^^

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.rar   RPCS3.rar (Size: 898.47 KB / Downloads: 32)
Game works perfect for me. I definitely think this game should be upgraded to playable, unless I'm missing something.
Needs a proper report submitted for it to be moved.
I get an access violation when I try to play this game.


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.7z   RPCS3-Tekken5DarkRessurection.7z (Size: 310.87 KB / Downloads: 8)
Build: rpcs3-v0.0.4-2018-02-09-cce0ad0c_win64

It seems to run at full speed in multiple stages while others it doesn't. (60-40 fps)
Tested only on Vulkan.
Haven't found any other issues on my 8min playthough

Video: https://youtu.be/ZnAxG8XUurM

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.gz   RPCS3Tekken5.log.gz (Size: 1.68 MB / Downloads: 7)
Just chilling around here I suppose.
I'm literally from Portugal. What else do you want to know.
Also love to test stuff.

Discord: MsLow#2316
0.0.5-6605 (2c16ddd) Alpha, Haswell i5, 970GTX
- OpenGL
~52 fps
Missing GFX effects
Music and sound effects may stop playing in some stages

- Vulkan
Full speed
Missing GFX effects
Music and sound effects may stop playing
Crashes RPCS3 when exiting a fight to Menu

Both logs attached

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.gz   RPCS3-Opengl.log.gz (Size: 431.66 KB / Downloads: 1)
.rar   RPCS3-Vulkan.rar (Size: 113.9 KB / Downloads: 3)
Build: rpcs3-v0.0.5-7504-634a5fa3_win64
Intel® Core™ i5-4670K CPU @ 3.40GHz | 4 Threads | 15.85 GiB RAM | AVX+

PPU : LLVM Recompiler
SPU : ASMJIT Recompiler
SPU Threads : Auto
GPU : Vulkan

Performance regression.

Went from a locked 60fps to ~30 fps.

Hit effects have disappeared. They were present in earlier October builds.

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.7z   RPCS3-Vulkan.log.7z (Size: 294.11 KB / Downloads: 0)

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