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ICO [NPEA00279]
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Game is loadable with master
Displaying a 25fps black screen

Build used:
Game goes to Intro
It has sound & Input but graphics is black & only showing text
tested with last master from kd-11 vertex_rewrite: rpcs3-v0.0.3-2017-08-16-334327df_win64-0.0.3-5743

Request moving to Intro
Moving to intro.
Playable on 0.0.5-6692 about 20~30 fps with minimal flickering of graphics.

Need the following settings to get it to boot/play:

PPU: LLVM Recompiler
SPU: ASMJIT Recompiler
Firmware: Automatically load

Vulkan (did not work for me on opengl)
Framelimit: auto
Write Color Buffers
Use GPU Texture Texture Scaling
Strict Rendewring Mode

Played until I rescued the lady in the cage and got my first achievement.

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I have tried this game but and it's not playable yet has some crashes and requires settings that hurt performance a lot.

Three ingame screenshots are also required for playable reports, but it doesn't matter here since we won't be moving it to playable just yet.

The game is stable now, been playing for an hour now & not a single crash or hang
performance is not perfect (20-30fps) but I'm using my good old pal i7 2600k @ stock 3.4 ghz & I've already seen people playing it with a stable 30fps with a slightly better cpu than mine
the only bummer is that you can't enable full pixel mood to have a full screen unless you check SRM, but that's not a big deal

tested with 0.0.5-6733 (4836a03a)

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 71.46 KB / Downloads: 17)
i got 10 fps and very slow on my super pc gtx 1080 and i5 7gen Sad
(07-10-2018, 09:18 PM)francis1 Wrote: i got 10 fps and very slow on my super pc  gtx 1080 and i5 7gen Sad

I have almost the same FPS.

Have tried different options: result had not changed at all

It appears that in order to have it run on locked 30 Fps you will need a patch file from Whatcookie PR added to your rpcs3 main folder. With this patch, you will be able to play the game at constant 30 Fps with default settings. If the game hangs/Freezes, then go to "Advanced" Settings option and increase "Driver Wake up delay" to 200. The rest can be the same.  I will add the link and images below.


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