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Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 remix. Black Screen/Static Image on Jafar boss fight
Hey everybody. I like to refrain from posting on forums like these because I can typically find and fix the issue without bothering anybody. I am however coming across an issue which is proving near-impossible to get around without some sort of technical intervention.

The issue can be seen in this image:
[Image: dSVtJ4yl.jpg]

As you can see, my screen is a static image, however the gameplay is still in effect, meaning that I can perform attacks on Jafar however cannot see where to navigate during the boss fight in order to deal damage to him through damaging the lamp.

I tried changing the renderer from Vulkan to OpenGL with no change other than blue discolouration.

Anybody got ideas on how I can fix this issue?

I got past the boss fight by spamming jump and attack, eventually (after around 30-40 minutes) I hit enough times to end the boss fight.

Everything returned to normal, and I've saved after the boss fight. It'd be great if somebody could still provide any and all potential fixes though, since it could happen further in the game.


PS: I'm getting missing textures on the Monstro "world", allowing you to see through the level. Makes it difficult to see the tunnels you need to navigate through.

[Image: kNWhLBH.png]

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