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Xbox One Controller not recognized?
Heya guys,
I'm using the latest build and from what I read, it should support Xinput and Xbox One Controllers...
However, when I open the input settings and click on some button to bind, everything gets greyed out and I cannot press anything.
Also, in the top-left where it says "Controller to configure" as well as on the top right "Controller Status" are both empty and greyed-out from the start.
It seems RPCS3 doesn't recognize my controller. Is there something else I need to configure first? I haven't found anyone else asking about this...
Input settings are for keyboard, not controllers. Just set XInput and play.
Heh, thanks! I didn't even try to just play. Works fine!
One thing, though: I can't start Flower. I guess that's because the game needs some gyro stuff in the controller? Can this be emulated by the mouse?
Ah! Nevermind. I forgot to change the config for the specific game.

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