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Valkyria Chronicles [BLUS30196]
RPCS3 v0.0.3-9-0f407a2 Alpha
White screen only.
current build rpcs3-v0.0.3-2017-08-13-15760b38_win64
I know its not an official release but its better than nothing in my opinion.

Settings are

Intro: Works both with sounds and animation but the animation is flawed in the middle of screen with a broken border and if the entire movie plays then i get access violation at different points and i need to restart, but if skipped before that then it loads into menu.
Menu: Works altho it lagged at the loadup a bit, it took maybe 10 seconds to load in
Ingame sound: working most of the time except a few scenes but i just had to relog, load a previous file and it would work.
Ingame Graphics: well...i can see whats happening, but when we go from overview mode into 3d mode the characters look like they got screwed up wings, aka broken graphics. Also when moving around with terrain differences some things, and especially rivers nearby will break free from the ground and follow along the characters until next turn.
Voices: excellent
Save: Works
Load: Works
This game goes ingame on master build.

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.rar   RPCS3.rar (Size: 282 KB / Downloads: 4)
Moving to Ingame.
RPCS3 v0.0.5-6648-ea82b732a Alpha | HEAD

Intel® Core™ i5-6600K CPU @ 3.50GHz | 4 Threads | 15.92 GiB RAM | AVX+ | TSX

Really close to playable. Would easily be put in there if cutscenes didn't have a tendency to hang during and after randomly. Strict Rendering mode is required to prevent some issues with textures being on top of other things (see pic). Still, the ingame is pretty much perfect, very minor texture problems here and there but it's barely noticeable.

This isn't a status shift, and there's nothing particularly interesting in the log (the hangs don't make anything in the log) so I'll leave it out this time.

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I vote this be moved to Playable, testing on revision 0.0.6-7934-7625f7df.

Just played for about 3 hours with settings:
Vulkan renderer
Strict rendering + Vsync
Everything else default.

No hangs or obvious problems. Speed was fine for me although notably slower on OpenGL. Issues with object Z-ordering were partially solved by using strict rendering (although some objects still leave a strange ghosting effect even with this enabled, it's not super-distracting though)

Log file attached.

Gameplay video

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.gz   BLUS30196.log.gz (Size: 3.97 MB / Downloads: 1)
After testing more with the latest 0.0.6-8133 it seems like the Z-ordering issue with grass & water has regressed and using Strict mode no longer mitigates it. So it looks like revision ~7900 is the one to use for this game for the time being.
0.0.6-7934-7625f7df is too old for compatibility update

Find the regression and report on GitHub so it can be fixed on master
Please move this game to Playable status as of 0.0.6-8391-ea2f4d57 (which fixed the depth regression).
More good news - it appears that you no longer need strict rendering mode, at least on Vulkan. The game looks great with resolution scaling turned on.

Gameplay video:

Log file attached

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 1.52 MB / Downloads: 2)
v0.0.6-8391-ea2f4d57 is the build number and commit according to the log the last part is important for the compatibility list
ryzen 5 1600 AF stock because lazy
RX 580 8gb stock on linux as changing any the AMDGPU settings causes odd issues
16 gigs of DDR4 at 2800mhz forgot timings they work
kubuntu 64 bit what ever the latest version is mesa drivers.

finished RDR in the emulator.

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