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RPCS3 Alpha 0.0.2-5320

PPU: Recompiler (LLVM)
SPU: Recompiler (ASMJIT)
Other options as default.

Game starts, main menu works (<5fps), ingame fights work (<20fps Vulkan). It can crash at the start of a fight.

Character textures are messed up in both Vulkan and OpenGL backends (Vulkan shows bright noisy textures, OpenGL shows mostly black textures). See attached pictures.
As of latest master v0.0.4-7130 (bfb3144) game no longer crashes on the sys_memory.cpp:52(thanks to Jarves SPU & memory fixes,). 
The game can be played from start to finish.

However there are numerous graphical glitches which prevents it from being marked as playable.

1. Character textures are messed up. In both OpenGL and Vulkan, the characters insanely shine like bright gold
2. Video cut scenes stutter. May be probably due to low frame rate
3. After progressing through 2-3 stages, when cutscenes are loaded after stage, the game window just gets stuck on a black screen, with no error messages. 
If you close the game and reload the stage from save, the same place where it was stuck at black screen now proceeds.
4. Some background environments like the final stage is very bright and the character is hardly visible.
I found that SC5 plays best on old build ( https://ci.appveyor.com/project/rpcs3/rp.../artifacts ) than on current, at least at my rig (i7 4790k, 16 gb ram, R9 390x 8gb). In old build i have around 10-15 fps boost compared to lastest builds in this game
On the latest build (6647), the game plays almost with full speed at all time (with full speed during battle), being enjoyable to play it. I tried for 3 stages, and one of them was messed up, but the other 2 played fine. The game still freezes for a second sometimes, but maybe this is because I only have 4GB RAM. I'm using Vulkan.

My specs: G4650, 1050 2GB. 4GB 2400mhz
If it's playable then please do a proper playable report https://forums.rpcs3.net/thread-196671.html we can't move it to playable until then.
I just checked with latest revision (6675). Although the game runs quite well, the graphical issues like the messed up character textures/lighting are still present on Vulkan and OpenGL.
With "Write Color Buffers" ticked graphics are much improved (but performance hit).

Playable opengl.

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