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Tekken Tag Tournament 2 [NPEB01140]
I've just tried "Write Color Buffers" and it's not better, still all grayed clothes and texture problems.
With this option the black areas are sometime colored but still wrong and it's slow as hell on character select screen.
So not for me it doesn't fix anything and it's even better without this option.

Also when using SRM the game is much more pixelated than it should (almost horrible in my case).

Build used : rpcs3-v0.0.5-7006-3b8eab87 with Vulkan renderer
Computer : i7-3770K @4.4GHz / GTX970 / 16Go DDR3 / Windows7 x64
Yes, strict rendering mode doesn't work with resolution scaling, but this has nothing to do with compatibility. Resolution scaling is technically a hack after all.
And the game ran at that resolution on real hardware, so it's not really relevant in terms of compatibility, though yes it does suck that two stages require SRM.

I could still maintain 60fps with WCB on and it fixed the black patches for me.
A long time ago before "Automatically load required Libraries" was added, and before it was posted anywhere, I had figured out the proper settings
to get Tag HD to run. But everytime I tried to post my findings on the old site (emunewz.net), it never got posted! So I said "Strew-it! Someone else
will figure it out soon..."

Well, I joined here today to show the Tag 2 "Color Fix" from a month ago. [This is my 2nd and last time attempting to post it here!]

Colors working, but only in Customization!
[size=medium] It slows down during Character Select, so I had to speed-up the video.
Yes this game shouldn't be in "working" state...
You can play it: yes.... but only with an awful pixelated graphic rendering and many missing texture colors on characters.
I own that game and it is a lot more beautiful in real hardware...
Strict rendering is only needed for a couple stages, and games requiring it do not affect playability, it's an accuracy setting after all and resolution scaling is technically a hack.
Playable doesn't mean perfect. In this game i get a locked 60fps and the only real issue is those few stages which require strict mode. No BGM music is hardly important when it comes to considering a game to be playable, and nor is the clothes being white.
Black textures on clothes is fixed with write color buffers too.
Buy the game and compare...
Like I said, minor issues do not affect playability.
More colors are working now. Compare it to the old video above. Ling's shoes now has color, and Jun's pants are 100% accurate during gameplay.
I can't make it to the game option screen the game crashes right after the intro movie after it says press start to enter
FWIW, this game crashes rpcs3 (program completely closes) after one demo fight plays using latest builds, i.e. rpcs3-v0.0.7-8710-fb8e70d7_win64.

It runs more reliably using older builds like rpcs3-v0.0.6-8444-112ad9dd_win64.

I applied the 1.03 update, but the free dlc characters don't show up.

Any advice on how to get them? Can anyone at least confirm that they were able to get the 1.03 dlc characters and levels working properly?

I'm referring to the ones on the top row in the picture below. I found a file that will unlock the dlc characters and levels, BUT it seems to be a hack of the 1.01 update, and breaks some parts of the game i.e. customize is completely bugged. Unfortunately you can't install both the 1.03 update and this dlc pkg, they will cancel each other out.

[Image: maxresdefault-1-1.jpg]

In rpcs3 using the official 1.03 update, I only see these below, but at least the game is not buggy and customize works etc.

[Image: guides_TekkenTag-img3.jpg]

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