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Skate 3 [BLES00760]
Not sure why but for me the edit skater screen kills the framerate insanely (goes from somewhat playable to a listed fps of 0.50, I've tried a variety of settings but haven't managed to solve that.
RPCS3 v0.0.5-7678-52ac0a90 Alpha
Now playable, major issues with free skate, edit skater and replay have all been fixed in the latest build of RPCS3
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEmtAIZW8Ak My footage is at the start (using the female character)

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.7z   RPCS3.7z (Size: 3.48 MB / Downloads: 175)
This got me so excited, I finally got into RPCS3 with this becoming playable. I got the pkg for the game, the update and DLC and I got the firmware. I get in game, but nowhere near as smoothly as this plays.

Can anyone give me some tips on what I've done wrong?

System specs are
gtx 1080
16gb RAM
How can we know what you've done wrong when you don't share settings or a log file?
Did you read the pinned comment on the youtube video? And, if you want support it's best to ask in our Discord's #help channel https://discord.me/RPCS3 though Skate 3 does need pretty good CPU, you may be able to improve performance/audio by following the above recommendations.
[email protected] MHz enough for this game? I had problems with sound in Skate 1.
Is there any possible way to fix audio stutter?

I have everything on Default
I only switched to Vulkan mode.
Guys, can't you read the posts above? We can't help without a log file, and I linked to our Discord server, if you have problems ask in the #help channel.
Hi, since months the game worked perfect, 4k 60fps.
But since the last update (It was near of may 9th) this is unplayable, like 17fps..
Do you have the same issue ?
nevermind, since the update of the day it came back as before Wink

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