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The Sly Trilogy [BCES00968]
Tested on 0.0.5-7576-76f94940 Alpha
Launch menu is usable, but does not correctly load into the games. Credits play. Games must still be loaded stand-alone. Mini-games are fully playable(unlocked after unlocking them through the other games) [Ingame/Playable]
Sly 1 seems to be fully playable, with very minor graphical glitches. [Playable]
Sly 2 shows a black screen and plays repeating noises very loudly after a (very short) random amount of time/gameplay. Loading save file resets the black screen for a while. [Ingame]
Sly 3 seems to be fully playable, with some major graphical glitches here and there.  [Playable]


LLVM Recompiler PPU
ASMJIT Recompiler SPU
Auto load required libraries
Vulkan renderer
1080p default resolution
Default everything else

Intel Core i7 7700K @ 4.20GHz
16.0GB RAM @ 1069MHz
8GB MSI Radeon RX 470 Graphics
Sly 3 isn't playable, it has issues on the sections where you have split camera's and some other issues i forgot. But all three games must be playable in order for this to be moved to Playable.
My launch menu has logo texts blacked out i can’t see which game is which i am using rpcs3 v.0.0.6 can someone help me?
I have made a 100% walkthrough of sly 3 Honor Among Thieves @2160p/60fps on my youtube channel (Here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WA5QvxKS...i-5c-8Lh08 ). with the exception of OP: Wedding Crasher which cannot be finished due to a minor bug (Part 18). A save file with the OP finished was used to carry through the walkthrough.
Sly 3 is now 100% playable, the OP: Wedding Crasher is fully playable i've done a test on 0.0.6-8644 https://youtu.be/p_deMZwvYZs .Also the performance is great even with an i5 6500 most of the time its 60fps even at 2160p.

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