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Rock Band 3 [BLUS30463]
RPCS3 0.0.9-10269-3788ef3e ALPHA

Now the game detects the guitar to play Guitar/Bass/Keys when you set Guitar->Rock Band in Pads

So for now, the game is Playable

Log is attached

Added a video now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JThipHPvrGY


[Image: 86GSdIk.jpg]

[Image: LOLjdy2.jpg]

[Image: tY74qGz.jpg]

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Game works now beter on a core i5 6400 and GTX950 on vulkan but still need to use 30fps to play good 
Guitar works almost perfect the detail is that X360 Rock band guitar have some controlers butons in incorrect plase that i wasnt able to fix 

1- "Special effects switch" its incorrect positioned for xinput, this use LT that its atachet do "tilt sensor"

2- "tilt sensor" is on Right stick that makes in game to move effects when try to use that function the correct botton on PS its right bumper 

Its a nice add that this functions work on emulation!!!! i hope that it could be fixed to use ir correctly
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