Vividred Operation: Mayonnaise Operation with Akane! [NPJB00386]
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06-05-2017, 01:00 AM -
[Image: 9nr9DHI.gif]

Game: Vividred Operation - Akane to Mayo-tto Operation! | Vividred Operation: Mayonnaise Operation with Akane! (??????????????? ???????????????!) [NPJB00386]
RPCS3 Version: v0.0.2-5366-e36f0793 Alpha | 04 June, 2017 | FW 4.81
Specs: i7-4770 | GTX 1080 | 24GB DDR3 | Windows 10 x64
Status: Playable (Squirted mayonnaise on everything.)
Core: Automatically load required libraries | Bind SPU threads to secondary cores | Lower SPU thread priority
Graphics: 1280x720 | 16:9 | Frame limit Auto | Use GPU texture scaling
Audio: XAudio2
Input/Output: XInput (Using an official PS3 controller with SCPToolkit drivers)

Tested on 3 combinations of the Renderer, PPU, and SPU configurations. A highly anticipated title for RPCS3 is finally playable from start to finish!

OGL+Int(p)+Int(p): Loadable. Black Screen 29FPS. RPCS3 freezes and crashes on startup.
OGL+Int(p)+Int(f): Playable 60FPS. Slight audio stutter on squishy noises.
OGL+Int(p)+Rec(ASMJIT): Playable. 60FPS.


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