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Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F 2nd [NPJB00435]
Today i reconfirm install process.
First. Ingame install process check "data.psarc" file at "hdd0/game/NPJB00435_CACHE/USRDIR/install" folder and if file exist in there then make dummy.bin file.
This process don't change "data.psarc" file.

Second. Using modified file process is also checking "data.psarc" file at "hdd0/game/NPJB00435_CACHE/USRDIR/install" folder.
Also file exist in there installer copy "data.psars" file(but i don't know which folder's file.) and overwrite it to cache folder then also make dummy.bin.

In conclusion
1. install process's success condition is data.psarc's direction maybe...
2. install process's activity is only copy and paste. and make dummy.bin.
3. install process's success is not important. It don't changes any situation. Orz.

Don't copy pasta random output to the post, attach a log.

We already know morealess what's the issue with it anyways, and it has nothing to do with installing the game as I already said
Tested on latest main build with recompiler in both PPU and SPU Decoders. Seems to be not only in-game but also playable now as shown in the following images and gameplay video:

I experience some graphic glitches though. I Attached the generated log of the session.

EDIT: Attachment added as zip file. The upload didn't work as log apparently.
EDIT2: Added a video test update to build latest update (August 1st), which still works.
Moving to playable

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