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Tales of Graces F [BLUS30903]
I played around with the settings for a bit on my machine and think I got the right performance for regular gameplay (skits + map + battles) without adjusting vblank or using the framelimiter by just adjusting the PPU Decoder to "Interpreter (precise)"  Settings for the SPU Decoder didn't really seem to make any difference to the framerate changes or desynchronized audio/etc.
The problem with using PPU Decoder Interpreter was that it made the FMVs extremely choppy, otherwise everything else was perfect.

Adjusting vblank had downsides in that it resulted in desynchronized audio over time for me, as well as resulting in choppy travel on the open world map (30 was the worst, 40 was not that bad).  Limiting FPS to 30 worked fine for everything except that it seemed to slow the battles down about 30-50% or so. 

Vulkan seems to be much more unstable than OpenGL in this game. It would crash/segfault regularly no matter what else I changed. 

This was using 0.0.7-8900 Alpha using Intel® Core™ i7-4790K CPU @ 4.00GHz / GTX 1080 on Manjaro with kernel 5.3.5-1 and recent Nvidia drivers. 
For anyone that is trying to play this on a low-end PC like me, here are some essential things that made it possible for me to run this in a somewhat tolerable state;

  • First of all, as mentioned in the thread before, I set the Vblank rate to 40 and the frame limit to 60 in order to get properly synced skits. I am using OpenGL as Vulkan is really buggy for me with this game. (Lots of graphical glitches, makes it unplayable)
  • I used LLVM Recompilers for both the SPU and the PPU.
  • I set the SPU threads value to 1, it greatly helps with the performance.
  • For the audio, I checked Downmix to Stereo and Convert to 16 bit.
  • I set the Sleep Timers Accuracy to All Timers, this might be placebo but I felt like I got 2-3 more FPS with this setting on.
If these worked for you, that's great, ignore the next steps I have taken. But for me, even with these settings on, I still got sluggish combat due to low FPS in some areas of the game which I got around by going to the custom config file of the game and changing these;
  • Disable ZCull Occlusion Queries: true (I am not sure if this made any difference, change it back to false if it causes problems)
  • Enable Frame Skip: true (For me, enabling Frame Skip made a great deal of difference, the game looks more "jumpy" but at least the combat stopped being sluggish and runs in the speed it was meant to run. I experimented with Consecutive Frames To Draw and Skip values a bit, if both set to 1 feels too jumpy for you, you can change the Frames to Draw value to 2.
  • Enabling Frame Skip introduced some audio sluttering for me. I fixed it by enabling the debugger and using the thread pausing method. This video explains how to do that starting at 3:08.
I tested these on i7-4510U and Radeon HD 8500M. On average I get 25-30 FPS in combat, 20-30 FPS in the overworld.
My personal settings. If nothing in this topic has worked for you, try this.

Preferred SPU Threads: 1
Renderer: Vulkan
Framelimit: 60
Strict Rendering Mode On
VSync On
Multithreaded RSX On
VBlank Frequency: 30
Clocks Scale: 50%

These settings get me a very smooth 30 FPS in the field and cutscenes. 60 FPS for synced skits and combat. The only sacrifice is the full anime FMVs chug and become unwatchable, but skippable. I consider this is very small sacrifice, considering how few of them there are. The real setting that breaks these FMVs is the Clocks Scale. So if you really have to see them, return that setting to default whenever there is one you need to see.

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