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Rpcs3 not responding.
From what I have noticed these past couple of days. I've been trying a bunch of games and I really get is the not responding. I have the necessary LLE Modules. I have installed the certain firmware but, the end result is I always get this frozen screen that says not responding.

This is really concerning honestly because, I'm not doing anything wrong in particular. Any idea's? it worked fine not too long ago. This happened with Jojo's Bizarre adventure all star battle. Koihime. Masou Kishin III Pride of Justice. Coffin of the end. Super Robot Wars Z3 Jigoku-hen and more.

You aren't using latest build, you grabbed experimental stuff you shouldn't have from the buildbot that's not from our master branch.

Download the latest build on the website and forget any YouTube tutorials that tell you to download modules separately, those get installed with firmware. Always follow our quickstart guide.

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