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RPCS3 Tester

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05-03-2017, 08:33 PM -
RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-2845617 Alpha
Black screen only.
Quote:·F 0:00:02.576602 {PPU[0x1000002] Thread (GAME_DATA_THREAD) [0x000108f0]} MEM: Access violation writing location 0x0
RPCS3 Tester

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12-08-2017, 01:33 AM -
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6212-0b3fbf1d Alpha | HEAD
Black screen with FPS counter.
Quote:·F 0:03:21.867412 {PPU[0x1000002] Thread (GAME_DATA_THREAD) [0x00010848]} MEM: Access violation writing location 0x0

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05-12-2018, 01:01 AM -
RPCS3 v0.0.5-6718-737db9005 Alpha

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09-04-2018, 05:01 PM -
(05-12-2018, 01:01 AM)Juhn Wrote: RPCS3 v0.0.5-6718-737db9005 Alpha

How did you set it up?

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09-09-2018, 08:12 PM -
Game is technically playable, but not feasibly playable. Look at screenshots.

Ryzen 5 1600x, Nvidia 1060, 16 GB Ram.
RPCS3Build : 0.0.5-7309-66610a28 alpha
Interpreter (fast)
LLVM does not get past initial load
LLVM (ASMJIT is fine too)
SPU Threads :
Additional CPU settings :
Enable thread scheduler,
Enable SPU loop detection
SPU cache

Renderer :
Vulkan 720p
All additional settings off, defaults on everything

The issue is that the "loading trophies" never goes away, though the game does load. This results in the middle of the screen being blocked by "Loading trophies". Using dx12 is a workaround, but dx12 crashes on battle transition and I believe is not supported anyways, and dx12 doesn't load them either - it just puts the issue in a box.

Performance is OK. Initial FMV is very slow. Overworld is 40 fps, dialogue is 50-55 fps, and battles are closer to 60.

(Apologies for the poor screenshots, I can redo if someone wants)
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03-19-2019, 04:13 AM -
So decided to test this out with the latest build (rpcs3-v0.0.6-7884-3eb2bcad_win64)

and played around with the settings
and at:

PPU Decoder: LLVM

[email protected]

I got this to run near perfectly.  Still got the green bar during the spash screens, but got the starting FMV playing at full speed with no issues, no stuttering, or lag.  Just the green bar at the bottom.  And no issues loading in game after the shaders compile for the first time, with the exception of sometimes the post battle screen will go turn a flat yellow for some reason, but its only there.  Played for a short bit, and had no other issues other then the two mentioned above.  Ill give it a few hours and try to find an In-Game FMV to see if the green bar is limited to title screen before i do the whole official update.  But this game is worth some further investigation, if you can get around the obtuse control scheme and the confusion of figuring out what attacks actually hit where.

Edit: I'm giving up on this game. The combat system is so obtuse with no explanations that the tedium trying to figure out the basics is overwhelming. Here is a good starting point however. I suspect it works, but i cant be bothered to keep playing it to give it a fair shake. This would make a good starting point is someone wants to take it further.
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RPCS3 Tester

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05-01-2019, 08:55 PM -
Euro version playable.

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04-05-2020, 08:54 PM -
Not sure if this is the right place for this (if not, please move to proper location), but I'm having issues installing DLC for this game. As I install the various DLC .pkg files, they all work individually, but I can't seem to get them to work together. Certain DLCs seem to interfere with others, generating an in-game error message of "a file without an access licence has been detected" for either itself or a different DLC. I've tried installing them one by one, in order, in hopes that it'll work, but so far no joy. Any suggestions?

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