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PixelJunk SideScroller [NPEA00306]
Game goes into menu, some boken fonts.

game stops at F {SPU[0x2000003] Thread (qgl_HidefMain_CellSpursKernel3)} class std::runtime_error thrown: Unknown/illegal channel (ch=21 [$MFC_Cmd])
(in file C:\rpcs3\rpcs3\Emu\Cell\SPUThread.cpp:840)
RPCS3 v0.0.5-7089-d3596fbc9 Alpha | HEAD

Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.00GHz | 4 Threads | 7.96 GiB RAM | AVX+ | TSX

Ingame, could have been playable but menu graphics are so broken and barely readable.

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.gz   RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 2.03 MB / Downloads: 2)
Now works fine in version

Works fron strat to finish

My PC specs:

Core i7 4790k @4,6ghz
Zotac GTX 1080ti 11gb
32GB ddr3 1600 @1866mhz
SSD Kingston A400 250gb

Cheers Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

This game works from start to finish on version 0.0.6-7972

My specs:

Core i7 4790k @4.6ghz
Zotac @4.6ghzZGTX 1080ti 11gb
32gb ddr3 1600 @1866mhz


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