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Always saying Compiling Shaders and cant play. Whats the best settings for this game ? FPS is smooth 30 but compiling shaders is always pausing the game.
That's how it works. You have to let shaders compile the first time.
I get a red sky during the very first time I play. When we are first introduced to Asura. Any clues?
Tested on RPCS3 v0.0.5-7104-a19113025 Alpha

Impossible to play with this shader cache compiling, constant stuttering.. Even with the ASync, i'm still getting a poor experience. I think that this game should be "in-game" status, this is unplayable !!!
Async changes almost eliminated stutter for me, but if you don't post a log no one is going to be able to help you with settings etc. Join our discord: https://discord.me/RPCS3 and post your log in the #help channel and someone will be there to help you.
30 fps average my tes work low PC

visit: https://youtu.be/rp3W-loybdM

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