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Black screen, 0.01 FPS
So, I'm really new to this, I've emulated old game systems before, but never a PS3. I received the files from my friend on a USB so maybe he didn't dump it right? I don't own a PS3 but want to play them, so he pointed me towards this
I have Ratchet and Clank: a Crack in Time EU region. I have the latest build, latest firmware (P sure), and all I get when I boot the file is a black screen. Now, I have noticed that when I first boot the game, I get a lot of red in the log, stating it can't find Global_caches.psarc. Firstly, it's trying to look in a file that doesn't exist, "TESTU2008". Should I have that somewhere?

I'll attach the log, and this is my system:
Windows 10 Home 64-bit
12 gigs RAM
AMD A10 Quadcore APU 3GHz
AMD Radeon HD 8650G + HD 8600M

I dunno if this matters at all but Audio is just through the generic driver, I don't have a special card or anything.
That game doesn't work yet. Somehow the game indeed tries to check files in TESTU2008 folder as reported before, although it doesn't exist.
Probably some left over stuff from development versions, but it should work when the other issues that are affecting it are fixed.
ACIT won't work unless libaudio is loaded.

And even when the game correctly boots, The only thing A Crack in Time does at the moment is start up, show the insomniac logo, and crash.

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