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Top Spin 3 [BLES00276]
RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-1b5a479 Alpha
This game has 2 bugs:
1) In main menu, the pointer is chaotically jumping between points.
2) If you catch the "Exhibition" point and start a new game, there will be infinite loading.
In-Game now:

Slow: 12~15 fps.
Settings: Vulkan + Interpreter (fast) + Recompiler (ASMJIT) + XAudio2 + Liblv2 only
Build used: 0.0.2-4482 (2570b6b5)

Recompiler (LLVM) doesn't work.
Hi everyone, I wanted to ask something related to Top Spin 3.

I'd like to ask if it's working to fix this game in the future releases of the Emulator.

Thank you in advance! Smile
Hello guys, I just wanted to report that the game seems to be Playable now! I played close to 30 matches both Exhibition and Career with close to no issues. There is the occasional slow-down which last until the end of a point but that bug is present in Top Spin 4 too which is Playable. Cheers
Playable now?
Needs report.
Playable v0.0.7-8709-b70c08a2

Here is the report

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