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Yakuza 5 [NPUB31658]
RPCS3 v0.0.2-3-1b5a479 Alpha
Tested with every Combination of SPU PPU and Render (see logs)
It gets stuck at the GSFrame, nothing else.

RPCS3 v0.0.3-8-b396826 Alpha

Ingame, slow.
Use OpenGL
Disable vertex cache.
Disable GPU texture scailing.
Disable vaildate cache every frame.
These settings should solve most of the graphics related issues.
Moving to ingame.
Setting "Prefered CPU threads" to 1 makes this game go from 1FPS to about 10FPS.
Still occasionally locks up with "nv406e:Confusedemaphore_acquire has timed out. semaphore_address=0x40300FE0" errors.

Seems to run at low resolution no matter what I do.

But otherwise great progress!

.rar   yakuza.rar (Size: 2.61 KB / Downloads: 20) Test with OpenGL and Vulkan.

Lower than 1fps with : Preferred SPU threads "Auto", "2", "3", "4"

3fps to 8fps with Preferred SPU threads "1"

Game is confirmed completable in terms of the main story. Soft locks and low fps issues still persist and cutscenes seem to have quite a high chance of crashing. Game averages around 15-20fps but in interiors it can go up to 30fps quite easily.

Playing on an i7-6700k at 4.0Ghz and a GTX 1070

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Thanks a lot for finishing the game, when performance improves and it's more stable we can now move this to playable safely. Increasing resolution scaling only really puts the GPU to use, so it's very easy on any GPU that isn't too old. Basically any dedicated GPU with Vulkan support can do 4k without losing any fps.

Did a quick video for the first 30 min or so. Game runs ok, but has slowdown whenever there are views of the streets. You'll see the FPS jump back up to 30 whenever the camera is pointed down. Still has some crashes after cutscenes as well. But progress seems good. My specs are in the video, but I'll list them here as well.

[email protected]
RTX 2080
The emulator keeps crashing whenever I try to leave the hostess club at the beginning of Saejima's part just after the screen fades to black. I've tried many times with different settings but it's always the exact same outcome.

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