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03-05-2017, 01:46 PM -

Freezes on loading screen when trying to go ingame.
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07-03-2018, 09:47 AM -
This game seems to reach menus just fine. It even plays the opening cutscene at decent FPS on my ancient laptop. But half way through the cutscene, it requires a USB peripheral to be connected. Since support for such peripherals is absent in RPCS3, we can't proceed further in the game. 

Just wanted to mention it here. The status of this game is still "Intro". Posting a log file too in case it's of any use.

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05-17-2019, 02:54 AM -
This game uses the "ride gate" which scans special action figures and puts them in game, akin to disney infinity. Both the figures and the device itself are probably hard to track down. The figures only need to be scanned once, and become playable characters. there is a limited options menu. One of the options is to configure the device. There are no settings to disable the use of the device . It will scan for it, and then repeatedly warn you it is not connected. Beyond that , nothing else can be done. You theoritically could use a save file to bypass all this. However, the game also uses Rider Chips, items that you also scan which give bonuses to stats and other benefits. The effects of the chips are temporary. If one had a save file to bypass the accessory tutorial and said save file had access to all the characters, and they were willing to play this without the chips, the game could be played. I will check around to see if anyone will donate said save file for the pursposes of testing this on the emulator.
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11-11-2021, 04:07 AM -
Using build 0.0.19-13000-2359ba9a Alpha I can confirm RPCS3 and the game recognize the Ride Gate when plugged in. I'm also using the latest patch (1.05) for the game if that makes any difference.

If you don't have it plugged in you get the following message asking you to plug the Ride Gate into your PS3:

If you do have it plugged in you get this message with the "Place a Summonride figure on the Ride Gate" prompt:

The problem happens immediately after this. The Ride Gate will not recognize any figure placed on it no matter what you do or what figure you use and just hangs there. After a few seconds regardless if you place a figure on the Ride Gate or not it will hang perpetually and then hard crash the game which can usually be sped up by hitting a button on your controller. Closing out of the game at all will immediately hard crash RPCS3 itself. I've attached logs after it does this. Everything was done with default settings. You also can't hot-swap in the Ride Gate itself, it needs to be plugged in before you start the game for it to register it. The game will also sometimes crash in the first in-game cutscene and I'm not sure why as it's entirely random and I can't replicate it consistently.

Despite what hinotoume said it is not hard to track down the game whatsoever even on English speaking websites and it frequently goes up on both Amazon and eBay so if the devs need an actual physical item to debug it's a bit costly but it's not an issue. I believe the Wii U portal is the same as the PS3 one unlike in the case of Disney Infinity so if that's easier to track down by all means opt for that one. All you need is the Ride Gate and a single figure to get into the game itself on an actual system.
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