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Skate [BLES00124]
Seems to run pretty well on my rig (Ryzen 7 2700X, 1080Ti, 16GB [email protected])
The compat list seems to list it as ingame but at least on higher end rigs it's surely a playable title.

Appears to run between 40-60fps, so far the best running game I've found for RPCS3 as a lot fo the other stable ones seem to have issues like the shader cache lag that persona 5 is cursed with.
The only truly annoying issue I've got is an audio one when cars are nearby.

The game could run smoother but it's running impressively well already.
How to fix sound stuttering?
Change SPU threads, try 1 or 2 and disable spu loop detection. But if your cpu is really weak, then there's nothing you can do apart from wait for new builds which will improve audio soon™
Any time I go into the game and try to start up career mode, I get through the customization okay and once it hits the tutorial, the game is black, I can see everything else, such as the controller teaching me how to flick, but the actual game is black, and it says return to challenge area.

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