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Tokyo Jungle [NPUA80523]
You can play current master with write color buffers and cpu blit in debug section might affect performance though. I'd just stick to the old build.
build 0.0.9-9929 Vulkan
random hard lock: sound and music cut out, and within 10 seconds both the game and emulator freeze
doesn't seem to be related to anything, sometimes it happens 1 minute in, sometimes 10+ minutes later. always starts with the music and sound cutting out, giving you a forewarning but it's rarely possible to save the gamestate in Tokyo Jungle due to the game mechanic.
log attached

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.rar   RPCS3-NPUA80523.rar (Size: 7.67 MB / Downloads: 9)
i7 8700 ; 16GB RAM ; GeF 1060 3GB ; Win10 Pro

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