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build 0.0.3-3-85199e2
with my default settings goes to intros/main menu but can't connect to online so it can't go ingame at least this can get out of the Nothing category. (we need a PSN required category and to mass move all the games that need that so they can be filtered out)

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ryzen 5 1600 AF stock because lazy
RX 580 8gb stock on linux as changing any the AMDGPU settings causes odd issues
16 gigs of DDR4 at 2800mhz forgot timings they work
kubuntu 64 bit what ever the latest version is mesa drivers.

finished RDR in the emulator.
RPCS3 Tester

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01-22-2018, 03:18 PM -
RPCS3 v0.0.4-6350-4f0179471 Alpha | HEAD
Failed to connect to PlayStation Network.
[Image: LhFRVi6.jpg]

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