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Ore No Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai Happy End [BLJS10238]

Goes into menu, but haven't been able to get ingame, it crashes randomly all the time.

Edit: okay went ingame and froze 2 seconds later.

It goes ingame now but it can freeze.
Using rpcs3-v0.0.2-2017-03-22-3bfe17a1_win64

PPU Decoder:
Interpreter (fast)

SPU Decoder:
Interpreter (fast)

"Write Color Buffers" is Checked
Auto framelimit


Libraries Used:
Nothing additional checked, "Load Required Libraries" checked.

Game plays at full speed during the 2D portions with absolutely perfect audio, no pops or crackles.
Also, after running it 10 different times with different settings, I never had it crash with OpenGL Or Vulkan.

If the game is run in OpenGL with "Write Color Buffers" checked, it will show the 3D portions of the game, but squashed into the bottom text box area:

If "Write Color Buffers" is unchecked, it will be just a plain white background with no 3D models. It seems to be a similar issue as found in [email protected] One for All.

If run with Vulkan instead of OpenGL, it will be just a plain white background with no 3D models whether "Write Color Buffers" is checked or unchecked:

The 2D portions of the game play perfectly in OpenGL and Vulkan.

When trying to run the game in DX12, it crashes immediately with this error:
Quote:F {rsx::thread} class std::runtime_error thrown: HRESULT = The parameter is incorrect.
(in file C:\rpcs3\rpcs3\Emu\RSX\D3D12\D3D12RenderTargetSets.cpp:338)

PC specs are [email protected] / GTX1080 / Win10 / 32GB DDR4.
Logfiles attached below.
I using on fx 8320 and gtx 970
Missing log.
With rpcs3-v0.0.4-2017-11-15-223f17ac_win64, the game now runs much better, at close to full speed.
Whatever improved [email protected] One For All recently seems to have improved this game (and likely other Bandai Namco games) as well.
Unfortunately, it throws out an error and you can't proceed, once you get to a part where you have to take a picture with the R1 button.

See video:

Logfile attached.

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.7z   RPCS3.7z (Size: 1.22 MB / Downloads: 2)
Build: rpcs3-v0.0.5-7267-686d3eb1_win64
Status: Ingame (Fast Forwarded through first VN section. Completed 2 photoshoots.)

The game ran at about 400FPS in 2D sections and 120FPS in 3D sections at 10K. the R1 button issue seems to be fixed, but there seems to be an issue with displaying photos you take in photoshoots.

Do not use rpcs3-v0.0.5-7268-4c145953_win64 or newer, because it introduces a semitransparent black screen that covers the screen and makes everything hard to see.

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.gz   Oreimo RPCS3.log.gz (Size: 1.26 MB / Downloads: 0)

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