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Thanks to the recent keyboard implementaion initial d manages to go in-game (well menus and car selection at least Tongue)

Gets stuck when trying to enter the last part of the licence plate
Performance is better in open gl than dx12 and vulkan
couldnt get past the number plate part, any suggestions? :/
You need to use a hiragana character.
This game is running much faster now after the update that kd-11 pushed. Easily ~30FPS for the most part.

What's preventing this from being Playable?
@Annie -- There's nothing stopping this from being playable, besides the fact the game runs at 60fps on hardware, and I can only get it to run at a stable 30fps

I think the game still belongs in the "Ingame" category, instead of the "Playable" category.

The physics are really wonky still. You can see in your video how the car has a seizure whenever you are drifting or touch a wall. It's hard to drive well at all with the physics glitches, which send you careening into the guardrails.

Also, the sound is extremely distorted, and there are graphical glitches all over the place (the most glaring one being the giant map that covers the screen, instead of being framed in just the bottom left).

You can play it in the same way that you can play many of the games in the "Ingame" category right now -- with frustration until the emulator is worked on a bit more.
Still Ingame for now

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