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50 Cent Blood On The Sand - [BLUS30256]

Shows one screen.
Once in a blue moon reaches menu on build 2017-04-27-c3f37a30_win64 using OpenGL with GPU texture scaling.
Load automatic and manual selection with libaudio.sprx and libfs.sprx.
SPU precise.
Intro movies are flashing and/or stuttering heavily.

Sometimes doesn't find a controller [RPCS3_50cent1.zip].
Sometimes hangs on "Press start" [RPCS3_50cent2.zip].
Usually hangs on one screen (as before) [RPCS3_50cent3.zip].
Unfortunately i don't have a log from reaching menu.
I think it should stay in "intro".

It just went further in menu! (once) [RPCS3_50cent4.zip]

Tested on https://github.com/RPCS3/rpcs3/commit/33...9d913ebb6e

Intro ----> ingame

Moving to ingame.
I played through this a few weeks ago. There's lighting bug in a few levels, but it isn't too bad. & the screen looks all messed up when loading the game up sometimes, but can usually be fixed by firing a gun or pulling up the menu, & if those don't work, then deleting the shader cache. Also, the kill animations background didn't render about 50% of the time.

CPU: Default settings
GPU: Vulkan, 300% scaling, Vsync on (really bad screen tearing without this)
Rig: i7-7700k @ 4.8Ghz, GTX 1080

Playable, when loading a level need to fire your weapon or you wont be able to move your character.

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.rar   RPCS350CentBloodInTheSand.rar (Size: 1.23 MB / Downloads: 38)
My game is always compiling shaders. Is there any way to download, or create all of them before playing? 
Can someone share the best config for this game? 

My Rig: GTX 670 + i5 6500 + 16gb 2400
(11-19-2018, 11:36 AM)MoraisMB Wrote: My game is always compiling shaders. Is there any way to download, or create all of them before playing?

No. That's the point of there being an asynchronous shader cache and shaders being cached on the go, because they're also generated by the game on the go..
Game runs fine, but has heavy audio issues for me. Anyone know work arounds to smoothen this?

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