Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction [BCES00052]
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04-13-2021, 05:39 PM -
They should work.

Glad to hear ToD is now running smoothly.

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04-17-2021, 11:33 PM -
I have experimented with the game for about 28 hours or so, running on a modern system with some fairly recent builds (I have been updating as they come out).
I wanted to post the best settings for Tools of Destruction on RPCS3 that I was able to find for those of us having trouble getting the game to run well on modern systems.

I used a bunch of tweaks to get the framerate in the 60-83fps range most of the time with less crashing, but since switching to a build released 4/3/2021, the game now runs fairly well with the default settings as well.
For me, the game appears fully playable with only minor graphical glitches and minimal crashing.

Some things to note:
          I am using version 1.00 of the game
          I am also using the freeze fix by Juhn, Epicalman found here: https://wiki.rpcs3.net/index.php?title=R...estruction under "Canary Patches"
          These settings were tested on the latest few builds at various trouble points in the game. Your results may vary.

I made the following minor tweaks to default settings in order of importance:

    Antialiasing: Set this to DISABLED to help performance and fix framerate drops when using the Combustor or Plasma Blaster. The AA is very heavy for alpha effects through this emulator/game engine. I am willing to bet most you are better off running a higher resolution instead of AA in this game on modern most GPUs anyway.
    Write Color Buffers:  Disabling it seems to prevent some crashes. Set to OFF despite common advice that this game needs it. It seems recent RPCS3 builds allow in game menus to (mostly) render properly without it. Have not had crashes during weapon upgrades at all as some had been saying.
    VBlank Frequency : Set to 90, seems to reduce crashing significantly for me. Couldn't tell you why.
    Firmware Libraries: Both lists left to default despite common advice to check liblv2.sprx. Seemed to cause less crashes at default settings in recent builds.

    Renderer: Vulkan seems to have the best performance, and all have the same crashes for me.
    Framelimit: Set to OFF. This game has an inbuilt frame limit of 83FPS as far as I can tell. The framerate is uncapped and does not affect game speed.
    Resolution: Try double native res in each direction. For me, 5120x2880p because I have a 2560x1440p monitor and additional GPU headroom. This essentially forces 2x SSAA. It is the old school way to eliminate jaggies without turning on the in-game AA. Set to an integer scale of your monitors native res or whatever makes sense for your GPU and monitor. As always use resolution scale not default resolution for tweaking.
    Anisotropic Filtering: Set to 16x. As is typical, this is fairly light on modern GPUs, so if you CPU bottlenecked most of the time, might as well crank it to the max.
    Silence All Logs: Led to smoother frametimes in my experience. Have not tried on newer builds.
    Sleep Timers Accuracy: USLEEP ONLY. Appeared to smooth out frametimes and improve performance on older builds. Can't see an effect on newer builds.
    Asynchronous texture streaming: ON, Mildly improves performance on my system overall.
    Use GPU Texture Scaling: On. Minor performance bump.
    Multithreaded RSX: ON. Mildly improves performance on my system, especially when lots of alpha affects are onscreen it seems.

    SPU Block Size: Mega, not much change to performance but works for me.
    Enable SPU Loop Detection: ON, no meaningful effect that I can spot but I always leave it on.
    Start Games in Fullscreen Mode: Has had some effect on crashing in other games, and seemed to help this one as well, but can't confirm.
    Enable time stretching: I have this ON. I do not expect this to have a meaningful effect, but mentioned it because it is not default.

Trouble spots (SPOILERS ahead) in order of appearance:

  Metropolis Kerwan,
    This entire segment is prone to crashing at random. No fix that I know of. I just kept trying it until I got through. Took me about 5 tries.

  First Tachyon Cutscene,
    I have not been able to reproduce the crash on exiting the last grind rail on Kerwan and thus don't know what can be done to mitigate it.

  Mukow, anywhere where the rain affect is present
    Setting the clock scale high enough to cause the rain affect not to render allows the level to be completed if it is crashing too much, albeit at hyper-speed pace.
    In the latest builds, I have not seen crashing on this planet anymore.

  Rakar Star Cluster, just as you reach the first solar harvester
    This will freeze. I found turning write color buffers JUST FOR THIS LEVEL, seemed to work wonders.

  Raykan V Halo Jump, upon touching the ground for the first time
    This caused a freeze for me every single time in older builds. Have not tried halo jump in newer builds as it only occurs once per save.
    Switch to Open GL renderer for this planet. Eliminates crashing but framerate is not ideal in OpenGL. Runs about 24fps fluctuating the entire time for me.
      The latest build seems to have no problems with Vulkan on my system, but I have not tested the halo jump.

  Kreeli Comet, Final Pirate Door
    Freezes on Vulkan. Switch to open GL for this final checkpoint. That allows you to open the door. You are good to switch back to Vulkan for playing as Clank.

  Verdigris Black Hole
    Freezes on load of this level. Black screen with no sound and no new frames being rendered. Does not crash.
    Newer builds have made this problem disappear for me. Give the latest build a shot.

  I would like to go back and continually test these trouble spots and spot more as well as offer more advice for more of them.

The game appears completely playable to me, but I have just a few more planets yet to test for crashing on.

My System:
  AMD R9 3900x
  GTX 1070Ti (PCIE Gen3.0)
  16 GB DDR4 3200 CL 14
  Games running from M.2 NVMe over PCIe

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07-03-2021, 11:28 PM -
Hi again,

I have been able to play a few hours and everything runs just fine without glitches or slowdowns.
But the game randomly freezes, sometimes after only a few minutes, sometimes after 1-2 hours of playing.
I have attached the log file, maybe you guys can investigate what is the problem here.
I have tried the canary freeze fix as well, but the crashes still appear, which can be very annoying just before the end of a boss fight.

Please if you could fix it or maybe it's an issue on my side and you could provide any help, would be much appreciated.

Thank you so much in advance,

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11-26-2021, 05:31 PM -
I am playing this on the latest build. More than halfway through the game. Great game, love the pirate setting.

Overall in runs very well, I am hitting 60 FPS target 98% of the time @ 4K resolution (300% resolution scale). (Geforce 3080 Ti, Intel i9-129000k) Game looks real nice at times, particularly in large scale battles and on a few of the planets.

The main issue is random crashes that will happen where game becomes unresponsive and display freezes. This has happened a few times in my playthrough. However, it has been seemingly less common on current builds that what other posters had commented in the past. It is a minor annoyance but not a deal breaker for me, given that the game has an autosave system and the game only soft locks so you can quickly reboot it.

Truly amazing to have this running at 4K, compared to the rather poor resolution of the PS3 native game which I have also tested on my TV.

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01-18-2022, 09:21 PM -
Played TOD start to finish in the last few days on RPCS3 0.0.20-13197-08b02efc Alpha without much trouble.

Key issues at this point:
- FPS dips at some points throughout the game
- Missing effects. I recall one point where you play as Clank in the Iris where there were electrical gates. The electricity-effect (what should have been a horizontal lightning-like effect) was absent.
- Random crashes
- Often when the screen goes black (e.g. when there is a fade out to a next scene) a small bar at the bottom keeps won't fade.
- Some flickering in menus, e.g. when buying weapons.

However, for the most part it ran at or close to 83 FPS (which is the cap set by the game I think). I'm using an i5-8600K and an RTX 2070 Ti. Throughout the game I experienced 4 crashes I think. Maybe only three, could also be five. A minor inconvenience but I would definitely consider it Playable rather than just Ingame. I've attached the log file and some screenshots.
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