Uncharted: Drakes Fortune [BCES00065]
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(11-07-2020, 06:23 AM)lainiwaku Wrote:
(11-06-2020, 08:59 PM)Loacoon Wrote: I didn't go far enough to confirm the blur problem. I can confirm that performances are too low on a good gaming system the be called playable (as stated, between 20 and 30, though it can go up to 45).

No loading screen or voices problems though.

no need to switch opengl, just need write color buffer
futhermore, 20 to 30fps  is playable
remember it's a  ps3 emulator...

I think I tried the write color buffer at the time but it didn't work. Apparently the blur and sound problems were general problems in the emulator due to a particular update or due to a particular feature. i do not know exactly. and maybe now it's been fixed but I did not check.
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