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Resident Evil Code Veronica X [NPUB30467]
Is there any way to enable 4K resolution in this game? I've set my resolution to 4K in the rpcs3 settings (300% resolution scale) but the in-game graphics still look like 720p. You can tell by the terrible aliasing or jaggies in the polygons which should be much smoother or almost invisible at 4K.
Test in progress on newest build. No issues so far.
Compatibility Report - RPCS3 v0.0.6-8534-dca29def Alpha

Game no longer crashes randomly after playing-testing extensively.  Light reflections appear to be fixed as well.

Proposing to change game status to "Playable" at this point in time.  Game has been discussed previously therefore not attaching 3 screenshots for sake of redundancy. 
Disregard my post. Game still crashes randomly.

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