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Double Dragon Neon [NPUB30764]
The other post says progress didn't save at the final boss, I'm assuming he beat it. No need for another video, just need to know if that is working or not. Could also try messaging that user "Testing" on the forum and ask him if you can't beat the boss.
Just finished the game from start to finish.

Promote to Playable.

Vulkan - default settings
PPU: LLVM Recompiler
SPU: ASMJIT Recomplier

All other settings are global defaults.

Game version: 1.01

60fps always, never dropped below. Game never once had any slowdown or framerate drop. Loading times were fast.
Perfect graphics - no corruption, tearing or artifacts.
Perfect sound - no hissing, popping, stuttering or slowdown.
Final Boss fight never crashed, froze or died. Constant, smooth framerate during whole fight.

Log is too big - 14MB. If someone can provide larger file upload size allowable, I can post it, or some other alternative place to post it.
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